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Shino Inuzuka
Shino Inuzuka Profile Image.jpg
Name Shino Inuzuka
Kanji 犬塚 信乃
Rōmaji Inuzuka Shino
Gender Male
Age 13 (physically)
18 (chronologically)
Hair color Purple
Eye color Green
Family Tamazusa (mother)
Mayor Inuzuka (father) (deceased)
Rio Satomi (brother)
Friends Sosuke Inukawa
Rio Satomi
Professional Profile
Affiliation Murasame
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Japanese Tetsuya Kakihara (TV series)
Romi Paku (Drama CD)
English Greg Ayres
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Shino Inuzuka (犬塚 信乃 Inuzuka Shino) is an 18-year-old boy who is the holder of the Devotion Bead. He is one of the only three survivors of the destruction of Ōtsuka Village. He possesses the living sword of Murasame, which resides in his right forearm. Additionally, he has a peony birthmark which rests on his upper right arm.

Prior to the events at Ōtsuka Village, Shino had been struggling with a serious but unknown illness, but now that Murasame is keeping him alive, his body has ceased aging and is stuck in his 13-year-old state. He is often seen as androgynous or feminine, which is a result of his family's traditional custom of dressing boys as girls until the age of 15. It is believed that by doing so, he would grow as a healthy boy. He is very close to Sosuke Inukawa and Hamaji and sees them as siblings.


Shino dressed as a female prior to the start of the series

Shino has short purple hair and greenish-yellow eyes. He bears a peony birthmark on his upper right arm, and, when Murasame is sealed, he has a black tribal tattoo that ranges from his right hand to chest.

He is considered to be very attractive (in a feminine way) for a male and catches the eye of Ao and Genpachi Inukai. When he was younger, he was dressed like a girl in accordance to his family's traditions which aimed to instill strength and help a child to grow up in good health. He wore ankle-length kimonos which were usually a light color, such as pink, and were floral patterned. His hair was much longer and he usually tied it back into a ponytail. His beauty was paramount to his family's tradition, as shown when Osaki states that he has heard rumors that the female survivor of the village's tragedy was very beautiful. He was unknowingly referring to Shino. Hamaji refers to him as being like a "doll".

Presently, Shino's main attire consists of knee-high black boots, three-quarter black cargo pants, and a t-shirt (though the type and color change). He is also, ironically, often seen wearing a knee-length, high-collared white coat with red sleeves, which has the church's insignia on the back.

18 years old Shino

When, under certain circumstances, his body changes to being in its 18-year-old state, he is taller, but still said to be shorter for a common male of that age. He is well-built but is on the slim side, and his hair is once again long and straight. He wears long black trousers, a plain white button up, and ties his hair back in a ponytail. Again, Shino is described to be very attractive by both Sosuke Inukawa and Kobungo Inuta while in this state.


Though mentally 18, he does tend to act like his status age, something Sosuke is constantly teasing and lecturing him about. Shino is known to act very childish and rash. He often has outbursts of emotions, such as anger or sadness, and he is very energetic and loud. Even so, he has a very kind, naive, and loving nature. and, as a result, many beings (both human and spirit) are easily attracted to him. He easily makes friends with many people, as is seen when he makes friends with Genpachi Inukai, Kobungo Inuta, Hibiki, Yukihime, etc. Kobungo even comments on the fact that many people have gathered around this small boy. Shino seems quite perplexed by the fact that Genpachi has shown a romantic interest in him, again pointing to his age and naivety. He is very straight forward, usually talking or taking action without thinking, which typically concludes with a scolding from Sousuke.

Shino clinging to Sousuke in fear, upon seeing a bug

Shino cares deeply for those around him, to such an extent that he forcibly revived Sousuke after they were fatally injured five years ago; later, he promotes the guardian of Hamaji's School to befriend her when he wishes her to be happy and make friends swiftly. Although his exterior personality is happy and optimistic, he reveals himself to be quite burdened and knowledgeable of the events taking place around him; this is often seen when his thoughts travel to his immortality. He is shown to have a deep fear of the possibility of living alone one day. Other characteristics Shino is known for is that he loves meat, and is petrified of the living dead and insects, which he is usually seen running away or clinging to Sousuke in fear when either appear. Despite his phobias, when he needs to fight, he shows great bravery and is calmer, especially with Murasame in hand.



Shino was born with the Devotion Bead. Up until five years ago, Shino, Sousuke, Hamaji, and a sheep dog, Yoshiro, lived with Shino's father (his mother died when he was young) in Ōtsuka Village. The young Shino was made to dress as a girl due to the villages traditions, and was very sickly. Shino lists his symptoms as: puking blood, having difficulty breathing, bodily pains. He also had measles when he was younger. Sousuke often read to him or entertained him when he was bed-bound

Shino and Sousuke in the hollow of a tree (Episode 13)

When he was young, Shino was told that he would not live into adulthood. He still openly welcomed Sousuke and Hamaji into his home and treated the two abandoned children as his brother and sister. Shino even commented that he and Sousuke are brothers when he saw Sousuke’s peony mark. This happened when the two went to get chestnuts in the mountains for Hamaji who had caught the measles. Sousuke unfortunately came down with a fever and it began to rain. The two then waited for Yoshiro to get Shino's father in the hollow of a tree and huddled together for warmth, when Shino noticed the peony mark.

Later, the village gets attacked, overcome by a deadly disease and the buildings set on fire. Shino, Sousuke, and Yoshiro were gravely injured and left to die. Shino was utterly helpless and full of feelings of regret and sadness as little Hamaji beat upon his chest, begging her brother not to die. In the midst of the flames, Rio Satomi appeared and offered Shino the blade Murasame in order to keep living. Using this power, Shino forced Sousuke to continuing living as well, unable to handle his possible death.

They then go to live in a church in another village with their grandfather, and an unidentified priest. Shino, under Murasame's curse, does not age in this time. They are labeled as outcasts and are unfairly treated by the residents of that village. The villagers believe that Shino, Sousuke and Hamaji bring disease, due to the fact that they are the only living survivors of the tragedy.


Five years previously, everyone in Ōtsuka village died in a plague, but there were 3 survivors: Shino, Sosuke Inukawa, and Hamaji. They took shelter in a church on the outskirts of another village by a dark and dangerous forest. The church, as well as the survivors, are viewed with suspicion by the villagers. Catching wind of the trio's survival, the Imperial Church sends the Five Foxes of Osaki House in search of Murasame, the demon blade that contains "life", which Shino possesses. Upon directly failing, they return that night to kidnap Hamaji in order to lure Shino to them.

Shino and Sousuke travel to the capital city to find Hamaji. Rio Satomi, one of the chosen of the four beast clans, picks them up at the train stations and drops them at an inn telling them that they'll meet Hamaji the next day. Shino goes around the city with Murasame where he hears a rumor of a spirit eating demon. He is landed on by a man named Kobungo who is fighting with some priests and their head, Seiran, while searching for someone named "Genpachi Inukai". Seiran claims that Genpachi is a demon and not a "person" and that he cannot be freed, since he believes that the demon may begin to eat humans after its done with spirits. Kobungo treats Shino to lunch as an apology for landing and stepping on him, after which, Shino is picked up by Murasame and Sousuke (in dog form). Back in the inn, Sousuke leaves for a walk when Satomi arrives with his spirit beast. Rio comments that while Shino remembers him from 5 years ago, Sousuke doesn't seem to. Also, Rio is surprised that Shino hasn't aged because of Murasame. The sword of Murasame is a mystery, about which no one has much knowledge of, if it's good or bad, since Murasame has the power to "tear through all magic, make all spirits cower and subdue everything formless on earth". Rio states that Shino's stunted growth is a result of hosting such power in him which will consume him in the end with a horrible death.


A demon insect, which is a minion of Seiran, is seen to be keeping watch on Shino. 

Shino and Sousuke was reunited safely with Hamaji at the Villa. Shino told Sousuke that they were saved by Satomi Rio five years ago. Satomi gave Shino and Sousuke their beads that represent them as one of the eight beasts and asked them to gather the rest of them.

The demon appearing in the middle of town chasing after Shino wanting to eat him and the monks that hunt demons chasing after. They managed to escape from the monks and the demon return to its own human form who is Genpachi. Kobungo Inuta, Genpachi's good friend stated to Shino that three years ago, Genpachi and Kobungo's soldier team was attacked by a demon that served in the hostage crisis in the north eating people. Originally they were supposed to die but something stranged happened and ever since then, their bodies have some changes and they are immortality. On the other hand, the demon huntimg monk saw Shino with Murasame and hoping to get his hand on Murasame Sword.

Due to the new moon, Sousuke sleeps for an abnormally long time while Murasame becomes strangely quiet. Shino then bumps into a white-haired, red-eyed girl from the Snake Clan, Ayane Mizuki, that occupies the other half of the abode.

Shino shows interest in a incident that was reported in the newspaper. Apparently six villagers were visiting Perquisite Mountain in search of a new water source, but become lost. A "beautiful woman" appeared before them and showed the villagers the way back to the village, where they died of an unknown illness. Sousuke searches for Shino, who has gone to the mountain to investigate. While on the mountain, Shino's and Sousuke's beads begin to glow. Distracted by this, Shino loses his footing and falls down, dropping the two beads. While waiting at the train station, Sousuke meets Kobungo, who decides to join Sousuke. After losing Sousuke's bead, a monkey deity appears before Shino and gives him a huge rock of gold. A group of traveling musicians come to the village to perform during the festival, and it is revealed that one of the musicians is Asakeno.



Murasame is the living sword spirit (Form: Black katana), rumored to have sway over anything regardless of shape or form. It is said that whoever possess Murasame will meet a tragic end. The spirit can transform into a crow and can communicate in human language. Murasame sometimes sits on Shino's right arm and likes to pick or he holds the living sword Murasame in his right arm, along with a peony birthmark and eat dropped food, as well as Megu, which Shino has scolded him for and because of a curse set by harboring Murasame within his body, he is still in his 13-year-old state.

However, when in his true form or angry, Murasame becomes a blood-thirsty monster, resembling that of a dragon. He is also very obedient to Shino. Whenever Murasame is out, he has a tendency to accidentally crash into nearby barriers and break them. Although Murasame is often somewhat klutzy, it has been shown to have a serious, and more aggressive side to it, morphing into a gigantic dinosaur form when overprotective of Shino. It is sometimes shown to be watching Shino from a distance and has the ability to summon rain.

by bonding it gave Shino Inuzuka some spiritual energy and skill to communicate to spiritual entity also allow him to see them.

Murasame Blade form.jpg

  • Murasame sword Form (Black Katana) - a mysterious demonic sword whose true form is not know by any of this world's inhabitants. Some believes it's a deity, others a monster and there are even those that consider it a curse or being that causes calamities. It said to rip apart all demons, subdue all monster and control all the formless being of the world.
  • Curse of Murasame - However for those who possesses Murasame, there is a price for this power the curse of never gets old. The sword form can cut anything or slain object, spiritual, deities and non-spiritual due the form itself the blade is sharp that easy that the enemy easily slice into two individual.

Physical Demon traits (ability) - Shino demonstrate all physical Enhanced Condition, he can jump over 6 meter high and survived any form of spiritual attack

  • Enhanced/Supernatural Combat
  • Enhanced/Supernatural Durability
  • Enhanced/Supernatural Reflexes

Immense Spiritual pressure- by bonding to Murasame, Shino Inuzuka give a skilled to control the spiritual pressure of Murasame. By revealing it and opening the eye of Murasame giving an immense pressure in the area and also revealing in his right arm to take form a normal size crow immerged into his right arm or a form of Giant Crow on his back


Sousuke Inukawa[]

Shino's relationship with Sousuke is that of an older and younger brother with some mild differences. Shino often misbehaves and is scolded severely. However, Sousuke has lost some of his memories from before their home was lit on fire, and therefore doesn't realize what exactly happened. Shino however, does remember what happened on that day but keeps it secret from Sosuke. They both care very much for each other and have shown themselves to protect, and even be injured for each other.

Rio Satomi[]

Rio is Shino's half brother and yet he doesn't find out until later on in the manga. They seemed to have been somewhat close to each other when Shino was a kid.


Though he dislikes Hamaji's new health concoctions and is sometimes frightened of her, he regards her like a little sister. She is also the reason he wanted to live because she cried for him to not leave her alone.


  • You think I am as good as dead. Sorry, but as you can see, I have plenty of life left in me.” (To Rio Satomi)
  • If you wish strongly enough, it will definitely be granted.” (To Sosuke Inukawa)
  • I didn’t know some things were better left forgotten.” (To Kohaku)
  • I told you that I’m afraid of dying, but I think that being left alone in this world is much more painful than death.” (To Kohaku)
  • Promising to do something tomorrow with someone is the same as promising that you'll be alive tomorrow.” (To Hibiki)
  • "When that time comes, I will cut you down without a moment's hesitation."(To Ao)


  • Shino's surname means "Dog mound".
  • Shino is okay with living ayakashi and sometimes even befriends them, but dead things or ghosts creep him out.
  • Shino is terrified of bugs and has an obsession with cleanliness, due to him being raised in a sterile place.
  • Shino's favorite food is meat, but he hates liver.
  • Shino's character songs are WING IN THE DARKNESS, Muteki no Buddy (with Murasame) and Junketsu (with Sosuke Inukawa).
  • Murasame (村雨, Murasame, literally "village rain", though often translated as "autumn rain"), refers to a type of rain that falls hard, then gently, in fits and starts. In Japanese poetic tradition, it is particularly associated with the cold rains of autumn.