Episode 7
Episode Information
Season 1, Episode 7
Kanji 約束
Rōmaji Yakusoku
Air Date February 16, 2013
Chapter(s) 11, 12
Blu-ray/DVD Vol.4
Opening God FATE
Ending String of pain
Staff Information
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Promise (約束, Yakusoku) is Episode 7 of Hakkenden: Tōhō Hakken Ibun anime series, which aired on February 16, 2013.


After discovering that Shino and his group had managed to come out of the mountain alive, some villagers force Shino to bring them onto the mountain for gold. However, the monkey deity is on a rampage, sorrowed that the child he was waiting for had never come back. The child turned out to be the village doctor, who had become too old to travel into the mountains to play with the deity.


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Kobungo asks Kokonoe if Asakeno has a boyfriend. She, surprised, wonders why he'd ask. He replies that if there wasn't one, he would be a candidate. Much to Kobungo's surprise, Kokonoe starts laughing.