Name Kohaku
Kanji 琥珀
Gender Female
Age Deceased
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Gold
Family Unnamed parents
Professional Profile
Occupation Prostitute
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 10
Manga Debut Chapter 14
Japanese Junko Minagawa

Kohaku (琥珀 Kohaku) was a prostitute working at the Winter Daphne Inn.


Kohaku is a beautiful young woman with wavy blonde hair and golden eyes. She usually wears red lipstick, a white dress, and a red coat.


Kohaku is generally a kind and gentle person. She shows concern for Shino Inuzuka when she first meets him, worrying that he may be ill. Over the years she grew apathetic toward her family and slowly forgot about them. She has low self-worth thinking of herself as "unworthy" of being reflected in Shino's pure eyes.  As a result, she lies to Shino about being married and having a child.  She is afraid of being alone, as she exchanges one of her eyes to Ao for an extra week to live. 


Kohaku was born in a small village near the northern border. She was sold to a brothel when she was eight years old.  The village was destroyed and the villagers all perished, including Kohaku's family. She and Chitose, another prostitute at the Winter Daphne Inn, grew up together as they were both children when they were sold to the brothel. The women at the brothel initially treated Kohaku with kindness, however they began to see her as competition as she began to take in customers.  Eventually, Kohaku grew apathetic toward others. 


Kohaku first meets Shino Inuzuka at a church, because she wanted to see Rio Satomi. Kohaku wanted to see Satomi to ask him about her dead family, as he was the only person to witness the destruction of her village.  During their first meeting, Shino gives Kohaku his amulet wishing her god's protection.  Eventually it is revealed Kohaku only has a week to live, as she coughs up blood.  Kohaku then makes a deal with Ao to give him her left eye in exchange for an extra week to live. Kohaku meets Shino again at the church in the red-light district and lies that she is married and has a child. Later when Shoichi brings Shino to the brothel, she scolds him.  She screams when Shino is shot in the neck and witnesses Murasame devouring Shoichi. She eventually becomes a monster because of the deal she made with Ao. In her monstrous form she kills Chitose and grows wing-like crystalline appendages. Eventually, she dies by Shino's hand but regains her humanity in the last seconds of her life.