Name Hamaji
Kanji 浜路
Gender Female
Age 15
Hair color Red[1]
Eye color Blue
Family Dosetsu Inuyama (brother)
Friends Shino Inuzuka
Sosuke Inukawa
Kaname Osaki
Ayane Mizuki
Professional Profile
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Japanese Ayahi Takagaki (TV series)
Sanae Kobayashi (Drama CD)

Hamaji (浜路, Hamaji) whose real name is Mutsuki Inuyama (犬山睦月, Inuyama Mutsuki), is one of the survivors of Otsuka Village and is like a sister to Shino and Sosuke. She is a health nut, who always obsesses that everyone is fed properly, although she is not a very good cook. She is manipulative towards the boys, but deep down she cares about them.


Hamaji is a 15 year old girl that usually wears a black dress with a necklace of a cross. She likes shoes with 7cm heels and ribbons. Her hair color is pinkish-purple (red in the manga), it's quite curly and she ties two semi-ponytails. Her hair color is due to practicing her body's resistant to drugs. Her eye color is light aqua blue.


Even when she was kidnapped by Osaki, she remained unperturbed. Unlike her pretty appearance, she often manipulates Shino and Sosuke, but in heart, she cares about them. She is usually worried about Shino and Sosuke and is actually a kind and loving person. She wants to become a doctor to help her friends.


Hamaji was born as Mutsuki in Nerima Village. Her older brother promised to come back for her but he went missing. Before the brother and sister were separated Hamaji gave her brother a red rose shaped pin. After her parents died, she was adopted by a family. However, that family died so she was adopted by a family in Otsuka Village, where she met Shino and Sousuke and they treated Hamaji like their own sister. Both Hamaji and Dosetsu came from a family of doctors.


In episode 20, Hamaji finally reunited with her brother, Dosetsu.



Kaname OsakiEdit

Appears to like him and was said to be his future bride.

Dosetsu InuyamaEdit

Hamaji's brother whom she was separated from during her childhood before meeting Shino and his family. She also is "technically" three years younger than Shino. Shino and Sosuke temporarily and unknowingly meets Hamaji's long lost older brother, Dosetsu Inuyama on the Train back to the main Church




  1. Episode 20