The Eight Dog Warriors[1] (八犬士, Hakkenshi) are people representing the eight warriors that fought alongside Fusehime against Tamazusa.



  1. They are holders of the Beads.
  2. They have a birthmark on their bodies in the shape of peony.
  3. Their family name starts with "inu", which means "dog" in Japanese.
  4. All of them experienced death but were saved by a spirit that is keeping them alive.

The BeadsEdit

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The Eight Dog WarriorsEdit

Name Bead Peony's place Spirit/Demon
Shino Inuzuka Devotion Right arm Murasame
Sosuke Inukawa Duty Back of the neck Yoshiro
Genpachi Inukai Faith Face Raiki
Kobungo Inuta Brotherhood Lower Back Fuki
Keno Inusaka Wisdom Chest Kokonoe
Daikaku Inumura Gratitude Right shoulder Noro
Dosetsu Inuyama Loyalty Left shoulder Yukihime
Shinobu Inue Benevolence Left arm Kagetsu


  • In the original Nansō Satomi Hakkenden, they were spiritual children of Fusehime and Yatsufusa, a demonically-possessed dog, thus making them the Dog Warriors. Their birthmark, a peony, was Satomi Family's emblem.


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