Beads (玉, Tama), also known as Balls or Gems, are small objects that all Eight Dog Warriors were born with. They have different colors and kanji on them.


  • (孝) - devotion, filial piety

Holder: Shino Inuzuka

  • Gi (義) - duty, obligation, righteousness

Holder: Sosuke Inukawa

  • Shin (信) - faith and integrity

Holder: Genpachi Inukai

  • Tei (悌) - brotherhood, brotherly affection

Holder: Kobungo Inuta

  • Chū (忠) - loyalty

Holder: Dosetsu Inuyama

  • Chi (知) - wisdom

Holder: Keno Inusaka

  • Rei (礼) - etiquette, courtesy, gratitude

Holder: Daikaku Inumura

  • Jin (仁) - benevolence, sympathy

Holder: Shinobu Inue


  • Shinobu's bead and his name are written with the same kanji, 仁. Jin is also the greatest and most perfect virtue of all, according to Confucianism, so the holder of this bead should be the most powerful as well.[1]