Episode 11
Episode Information
Season 1, Episode 11
Kanji 現身
Rōmaji Genshin
Air Date March 16, 2013
Blu-ray/DVD Vol.6
Opening God FATE
Ending String of pain
Staff Information
Episode 10 Episode 12

Avatar (現身, Genshin) is Episode 11 of Hakkenden: Tōhō Hakken Ibun anime series, which aired on March 16, 2013.


Kohaku is sent into a room with another man and just as they begin to argue, Shino comes along. The man threatens to kill the both of them and Kohaku tries to stop him. Despite her attempts, the man misfires and shoots Shino in the neck. Shino lays in the pool of blood and Murasame shows his true form and devours the man. Genpachi arrives at the scene after Kohaku's coworker/friend calls the police. He is shocked to see Shino and carries him out, also noticing that his wound had secretly started to close. While riding hard back to the house, he is stopped by Satomi and Yatsufusa. Sousuke is seen running to the house, where Satomi explains that Shino is fine, but may never awake depending on Murarame's mood. Shino wakes up at that moment, exclaiming that he is hungry, relieving most of the anxiety in the room. However, Shino begins bragging about his little adventure and Sousuke slaps him and leaves. Satomi stops Shino from leaving, revealing that Murasame has still not completely recovered. Later in the night, Shino painfully goes to the shower and stands in the cold water, his body feeling as if it were on fire. Satomi goes into the bathroom after a while, only to find Shino partially conscious in the bathtub. Murasame suddenly acts up and Shino reverts into his 18-year-old body and drinks blood from Satomi's neck


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Kokonoe asks Keno what he did to Kobungo, who is sick, lying in the bed. Keno exclaims that he only told him he was a guy. Kokonoe starts laughing, making Keno thinking that it's the first time he heard her laughing like that.


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